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The laboratory took shape as a close-knit creative team, constantly replenished with talented young people. Recently, the Laboratory has been one of the leaders in the rating of scientific divisions of the Joint Institute for High Temperatures, one of the largest scientific centers in the Russian Academy of Sciences

Theses defended or prepared for defense over the past 15 years:


  • Makeich A.A. "Experimental determination of thermal effects during the decay of carbon-containing molecules and the formation of carbon nanoparticles behind the shock wave" Ph.D. 2006

  • Drakon A.A. "Nonequilibrium radiation and ionization in gas-cluster media behind shock waves" Ph.D. 2009

  • Mikheyeva E.Yu. "Experimental study of thermal effects and the process of formation of soot particles during shock-wave pyrolysis of hydrocarbons" Ph.D. 2013

  • Priemchenko K.Yu. "Experimental study of the process of condensation of iron vapors at extreme degrees of supersaturation" Ph.D. 2013

  • Yatsenko P.I. "Investigation of thermodynamic and kinetic properties of iodine-containing propane halocarbons" Ph.D. 2021

  • Korshunova M.R. “Study of the influence of biofuel additives on the formation of polyaromatic hydrocarbons and soot during ethylene pyrolysis” Ph.D. 2023,

  • Bystrov N.S. “Study of the oxidation kinetics of promising biofuels” Ph.D. 2023,


Personnel training (students, graduate students):

The laboratory constantly trains students and graduate students. Over the past 15 years, 27 graduates (MIPT, MEPhI, MEI and BMSTU) and 7 candidates of sciences have been trained

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