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Основные результаты

Growth kinetics of clusters and nanoparticles in the processes of pyrolysis and photolysis of gaseous compounds

Leaders directions

Eremin Alexander Viktorovich
Gurentsov Evgeny Valerievich
Mikheyeva Ekaterina Yurievna

Thermal effects during the growth of nanoparticles and the pyrolysis of carbon substances

Growth kinetics of clusters and nanoparticles of iron and carbon

Synthesis of binary metal-carbon nanoparticles

Laser photosynthesis of nanoparticles

The main results of the completed works of the direction

The scientific foundations of the technology for the synthesis of nanoparticles by UV photodissociation of volatile compounds at room temperatures have been developed


A laser-induced incandescence method has been developed to measure the size of carbon and iron nanoparticles during their growth


The influence of the pressure and type of the diluent gas on the growth of carbon and iron nanoparticles during the condensation of a highly supersaturated vapor of atoms has been discovered and studied


The accommodation coefficients of the translational energy of gas molecules (He, Ar, CO) on the surface of carbon and iron nanoparticles are determined


Thermal effects were determined during the growth of carbon nanoparticles as a result of the pyrolysis of СCl4, C2Cl4, C3O2, C2H2, C6H6 behind shock waves


The optical properties of iron and carbon nanoparticles have been studied depending on their size


Ключевые публикации

Key publications of the direction

  • Drakon A., Gurentsov E., Eremin A., Kolotushkin R., Khodyko E., Jander H. Special features of soot formation in a standard premixed ethylene/air flame diluted with DME. Combust. Flame (2022), V. 246, 6, 112309,

  • Eremin A.V., Gurentsov E.V., Mikheyeva E. Yu., Kolotushkin R.N. Dependence of soot primary particle size on the height above a burner in target ethylene/air premixed flame. Combust. Sci. Tech. V. 194, Issue 14, P. 2847-2863 (2022),

  • Drakon A.V., Eremin A.V., Gurentsov E.V., Mikheyeva E. Yu., Kolotushkin R.N. Оptical properties and structure of acetylene flame soot. Аppl. Phys. B 2021, 127, Article number: 81,

  • Eremin, A.V., Gurentsov, E.V. & Kolotushkin, R.N. The change of soot refractive index function along the height of premixed ethylene/air flame and its correlation with soot structure. Appl. Phys. B 126, 125 (2020),

  • S. Peukert, A. Sallom, A. Emelianov, T. Endres, M. Fikri, H. Böhm, H. Jander, A. Eremin, С. Schulz. The influence of hydrogen and methane on the growth of carbon particles during acetylene pyrolysis in a burnt-gas flow reactor. P COMBUST INST, 2019, 37, 247-254,

  • A. Drakon, A. Eremin, E. Mikheyeva, B. Shu, M. Fikri, C. Schulz. Soot formation in shock-wave-induced pyrolysis of acetylene and benzene with H2, O2, and CH4 addition. COMBUST FLAME, 2018, 198, 12, 158-168,

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  • Bronin S.Y., Emelianov A.V., Eremin A.V., Khrapak A.G., Mikheyeva E.Y. Experimental and Theoretical Study of the Charging of Carbon Nanoparticles in Shock-Heated Plasma during Pyrolysis of Carbon-Containing Molecules. Ukr J Phys, 2014, 59, 4, 405-410,

  • Eremin, A., Gurentsov, E., Mikheyeva, E. et al. Experimental study of carbon and iron nanoparticle vaporisation under pulse laser heating. Appl. Phys. B 112, 421–432 (2013),

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  • H. Böhm, A. Emelianov, A. Eremin, C. Schulz,  H. Jander. On the effect of molecular and hydrocarbon-bonded hydrogen  on carbon particle formation in C3O2 pyrolysis behind shock waves. Combust. Flame, 2012, 159, 3, 932-939,

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