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История основания

Laboratory of Non-Equilibrium Processes No. 19 - scientific division of the JIHT RAS - the leading scientific center of the Russian Federation in the field of energy and thermal physics of extreme states

The Laboratory of Non-Equilibrium Processes was organized by A.V. Eremin, holder of an Advanced Doctorate in Physics Sciences in 1995 within the Department of Physical Gas Dynamics, which originated at the Physics Faculty of MSU and was created in the 50s of the 20th century by the world famous scientist, prof. T.V. Bazhenova, which is considered all over the world to be one of the progenitors of shock tubes, which over the past half century have become the "gold" standard for studying the kinetics of high-temperature reactions

Professor T. V. Bazhenova


The head of the laboratory is a graduate of the department "Physics and Chemistry of Fast Processes" of the Energy Faculty of MEPhI, developed a new direction in the laboratory for the study of non-equilibrium physical and chemical processes behind shock waves; discovered and investigated a new physical phenomenon - the formation of a detonation condensation wave;  established patterns and prospects for the use of chemical inhibition

Professor A. V. Eremin


Over the past 25 years, the Laboratory has become one of the world's leading teams in the field of high-temperature process kinetics. Unique experimental stands have been created, equipped with a complex  of modern diagnostics for studying the detailed kinetics of chem. reactions, condensation, combustion and detonation and obtaineda number of unique scientific results

Научная деятельность


Published in foreign and domestic peer-reviewed journals


Performed within the framework of the programs of the RFBR, the RSF and the RAS and Min. Sciences, including Ru/int projects

As part of the scientific activities of the laboratory


Obtained for the synthesis of metal-carbon nanoparticles, fuel additives and a new energy cycle based on the detonation condensation wave


In MIPT, MEPhI, MPEI, MSTU N.E. Bauman and others.

Эксп. стенды

For the first time in Russia developed
LII Method for Measuring Current Sizes and Optical Properties of Nanoparticles Formed in the Processes of Pyrolysis and Combustion at Installations "PION" an "IRIS"
The method of laser-induced fluorescence (LIF), for the first time in the world, is used to study the processes of formation and growth of PAHs in the processes of pyrolysis of promising biofuels behind shock waves "IRIS"
Precision technique of atomic resonance absorption spectroscopy in vacuum ultraviolet behind UV at the setup "NEFRIT"
A modern diagnostic complex for studying the processes of formation of detonation condensation waves "COBRA"

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