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XI All-Russian Conference: Fuel Combustion: Theory, Experiment, Novosibirsk, November 09 - 12, 2021

Yatsenko P.I. - Chairman of section 9. "Mechanism and kinetics of reactions of oxidation, ignition, combustion"


Plenary report by Yatsenko P.I. "Research on the detailed kinetics of decomposition and oxidation of various hydrocarbon compounds by ARAS, supported by quantum chemical calculations"

Oral report by Korshunova M.R. "Soot Formation in the Pyrolysis of Ethylene with Additions of Furan and Tetrohydrofuran"

Oral report by Kolotushkin R.N. "Investigation of the optical properties and structure of soot nanoparticles depending on the conditions of their formation"

The materials of the symposium and more detailed information can be found at the link -


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