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Gurentsov Evgeniy Valerievich, Senior Researcher, Lab. 19, Ph.D. Eng. Sci., 11.15.1967 - 11.07.2022

On the night of November 7-8, after a severe and prolonged illness, the heart of our colleague and friend Evgeny Valeryevich Gurentsov stopped.

Evgeny Gurentsov came to work at IVTAN after graduating from the Moscow Aviation Institute in 1990. In 1995, he defended his Ph.D. thesis and from then until the last days of his life he worked at the Laboratory of Non-Equilibrium Processes of the JIHT RAS.

Evgeny Valerievich was an extremely creative, purposeful and highly organized person. He had an amazing ability not only to find new interesting scientific problems, but also to boldly take on a new business and bring it to new world-class scientific results.

For the first time in Russia, he implemented a complex method of laser-induced incandescence for diagnosing nanoparticles, obtained a number of outstanding results by this method, according to which he published several reviews in leading world journals and became one of the world leaders using this diagnostics.

Evgeny Valerievich created a new stand for pulsed laser photosynthesis of nanoparticles with his own hands and obtained a large number of important results on the properties and mechanisms of formation of carbon, metal and metal-carbon nanoparticles on it.

Later, Evgeny Valeryevich boldly took up a completely new business and created another stand based on the McKenna premix burner. In recent years, despite a serious illness, he received at this stand a number of important results on the effect of biofuels on the formation of soot during combustion, also published in leading world journals.

Evgeniy Valerievich was not only a person very passionate about science, but also knew how to involve young employees in research. Under his leadership, the dissertations of E.Yu. Mikheev and K.Yu. Priemchenko, and until the last days he actively supervised the work of graduate students and students.

Evgeniy Valeryevich enjoyed invariable love and respect in the laboratory team, and this huge loss was reflected in the hearts of all the employees and friends of this remarkable person with severe pain.


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